AS I LAY DYING: Guitar-Lesson Videos From PHIL SGROSSO Available

Music lesson web site is now featuring guitar-lesson videos featuring Phil Sgrosso of San Diego metallers AS I LAY DYING.

At you will find the following lesson videos by AS I LAY DYING:

* “Anodyne Sea” (Part 1) Intro Riff
* “Anodyne Sea” (Part 2) Second Riff
* “Anodyne Sea” (Part 3) Chorus
* “Anodyne Sea” (Part 4) Melody In The Chorus
* “Anodyne Sea” (Part 5) Octave Melody In The Chorus
* “Anodyne Sea” (Part 6) Lower Harmony In The Chorus
* “Anodyne Sea” (Part 7) Rhythm And Lead Middle Section
* “Anodyne Sea” (Part 8) Build-Up And Chug Riffs

* “Condemned” (Part 1) Intro Riff
* “Condemned” (Part 2) Verse
* “Condemned” (Part 3) Chorus
* “Condemned” (Part 4) Bridge, Verse And Intro Harmonies
* “Condemned” (Part 5) Rhythm Under The Solo

* “Vacancy” (Part 1) Chug Riff And Melody Over The Chug
* “Vacancy” (Part 2) Chord Riff And Octaves
* “Vacancy” (Part 3) First Verse And Harmonies
* “Vacancy” (Part 4) Second Verse
* “Vacancy” (Part 5) Lead Over The Chorus
* “Vacancy” (Part 6) Chug/Chime Verses And Tail End Riff
* “Vacancy” (Part 7) Bridge Section
* “Vacancy” (Part 8) Outro Riff

* “What Shaped Phil’s Style”

“Anodyne Sea” (Part 2) Second Riff can be viewed in Flash and Quicktime HD format at this location. is owned and operated by Bob Balch from FU MANCHU.