AS THEY BURN: ‘Medicine 2.0’ Video Released

The live video for “Medicine 2.0”, a brand new song from the French progressive metalcore outfit AS THEY BURN, can be seen below. The track comes off the group’s new album, “Will, Love, Life”, which was released on February 19 via Victory Records.

Regarding the CD title, AS THEY BURN guitarist Fabio Meschini told, “Will, Love, Life are three things that we can’t separate. If now we are who we are, it’s because of those three things have permitted us to do all the things we’ve done! Our passion is only what motivates us every day to give the best! All the lyrics are talking about that. Like (our previous album), ‘Aeon’s War’, Thelema is really present in the meaning of the lyrics.”

Asked about the band’s decision to sign with Victory, bAS THEY BURN vocalist Kevin Traore said: “From the day we decided to be a band, we realized our common dream to become musicians, and from that moment forward, we did everything we could to make this happen. We are musicians and that’s it. We’re not businessmen, managers or anything else. We worked very hard to promote our music, release CDs and book shows, but it seems that we needed more support to reach the next step. We had a very good feeling with Victory Records before all of this happened. We met Mr. [Tony] Brummel, the owner of Victory, in Paris during the summer time. We discussed of everything concerning this collaboration, and both of us agreed on many points, so we decided to make this happen, and we’re very satisfied.”

Emerging from the streets of Paris, AS THEY BURN was formed in 2007 by bassist Ronald Pastor, guitarist Fabio Meschini and drummer Milton Bakech. Vocalist Kévin Traore, known for his chillingly aggressive vocals, was enlisted shortly thereafter, along with guitarist Hoby Arinosy.

AS THEY BURN‘s debut album, “Aeon’s War”, was digitally released on June 20, 2011.




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