ASHENVEIL: ‘Black Of Light’ EP Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

ASHENVEIL, the new “ambitious” female-fronted metal band out of New Jersey featuring OPERATIKA drummer Yuri Liakhovitch and SYMPHONY X bassist Mike LePond, will release an EP, “Black Of Light”, in August. The CD was mixed by Jeremy Krull (DARK EMPIRE) and was mastered at Finnvox studios (NIGHTWISH, CHILDREN OF BODOM) in Helsinki, Finland. The cover artwork was created by Albino-Z and Robert Ladd and can be seen below.

“Black Of Light” track listing:

01. Black Of Light
02. Venomous
03. Naked Smile
04. Lost In Dreams
05. Giordano

Described by LePond as “heavy metal-sounding BLACKMORE’S NIGHT,” ASHENVEIL was formed in the summer of 2009 when a group of friends met up for a jamming session. They clicked and the chemistry between the players was obvious to all. At that point, the songwriting process began and the direction of the band was musically defined and established. Eager for great things to happen, after a series of extensive rehearsals, the band — under its former name, TRACE OF EMPTINESS — performed several shows locally to get their foot in the door, gain exposure and start building the fan base. However, it wasn’t until singer and songwriter Christine Greenwood joined in March 2010 to take over the vocal duties that the band was able to maximize its potential and reach the point where “only sky was the limit.” With Christine‘s unique voice handling operatic soprano or alto singing styles, modified and tailored for each individual song, the band went on to record its first demo that was completed by the end of April 2010. After a series of lineup changes, Rich Fischer on the guitar joined the band in 2011 and brought much-needed technicality and versatility to complete the band’s unique and multidimensional sound.

In the 10-minute video below, LePond talks about ASHENVEIL, the band’s upcoming EP and some of the individual songs that will appear on the CD.


“Venomous” audio stream:






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