French melodic metallers ASYLUM PYRE have inked a deal with Massacre Records. The band’s second album, “Fifty Years Later”, will be released on November 23. The CD was recorded and mixed by Didier Chesneau and mastered by Elektra Mastering.

Mixing influences and styles, ASYLUM PYRE can’t be shut in a closed and predefined universe. From speed metal to progressive, passing through lyrical or ambient metal, ASYLUM PYRE draws elements from multiple genres so as to create its own identity. This band’s trademark is to build songs around catchy melodies and rhythms breaks that alternate quiet parts and powerful tempos. The result is both swinging and poignancy for one of the force of ASYLUM PYRE lays in the messages expressed in its songs. All the tracks are then well thought out and offer a succession of simples and complexes parts, where melodies and lyrics, sung by the original voices of Chaos Heidi and Johann, carry senseful messages all the way through.

ASYLUM PYRE‘s debut album, “Natural Instinct?”, came out in 2009.


Julien Peuch – Bass
Tony Decaillon – Keyboards
Chaos Heidi – Vocals
Johann Cadot – Vocals, Guitar
Hervé Schiltz – Guitar


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