Attika 7 Working On Debut Album And Music Video

Attika 7 Working On Debut Album And Music Video

Photo of Biohazard

Band Photo: Biohazard (?)

Attika 7 is a brand new force in the ever-evolving heavy metal world, featuring Evan Seinfeld (formerly of Biohazard), lead guitarist, songwriter and famed motorcycle builder Rusty Coones, bassist Tony Campos (founding member of Static X, who also currently performs in Soulfly), and drummer Dustin Schoenhofer from Walls of Jericho and Bury Your Dead fame. Attika 7 will be releasing a debut album later this year and is currently working on a first video for the single “Serial Killer.”

Evan feels that Attika 7 is the beginning of a new chapter. “As much as Biohazard has been the biggest part of my musical past and my main musical focus for more than two decades, it is time for me to do something new. It is time for me to cement my musical future. I continue to stand behind the ideals projected in songs I wrote like ‘Down For Life’… and philosophies like standing up for what you believe in no matter what and sticking by your true friends and family to the end! I have so many creative ideas that needed a new home to flourish and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a member of Attika 7!”

“It is time for me to go on to something exciting and fresh to pursue my dreams and expand my horizons in a more positive situation for me,” adds Evan. “Biohazard is a band that I personally conjured and founded in 1987 and helped me to realize many of my dreams, see the world, and connect with many fans everywhere. I hope to keep the memory of Biohazard where it belongs, in a place of dignity and respect!”

To hear sample tracks and find more information on Attika 7, head over to the band’s Facebook profile.