ATTIKA 7/Ex-BIOHAZARD Frontman Slams ‘Lame Keyboard Ninjas’

Bob Zerull of Zoiks! Online recently conducted an interview with former BIOHAZARD and current ATTIKA 7 frontman Evan Seinfeld. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Zoiks! Online: How would you describe the [ATTIKA 7] album “Blood Of My Enemies”?

Evan: “Blood Of My Enemies” is a collection of songs Rusty [Coones, guitar] wrote in prison and songs he and I wrote together, here in SoCal. It’s dark, heavy, melodic, and extremely over the edge. It screams hope in the face of desperation and stinks of hatred, pain and revenge! The songs are authentic, genuine, and anthemic, [with] huge sing-along choruses and simply the most musical thing I have ever been a part of. A lot of people who have heard it have told me that I should have done something like this a long time ago.

Zoiks! Online: How was it working with [producer] Mudrock and what did he bring to the album?

Evan: Mudrock is a genius… he is like one of those guys with a strange bedside manner, but simply more meticulous than anyone I have ever worked with, and I have worked with a lot of amazing producers. Mud was the first guy to get me to reinvent myself as a singer, and use my voice as an instrument that would be growing. It’s crazy — just listen to the record, drum, bass guitar sounds, vocal sounds, He really harnessed the raw power and emotion of the songs, especially Rusty’s lead playing. he helped me so much with my guitar sound and gave us the metal that rocks. He helped me to find the next chapter in my reinvention of my voice. His incredible vintage gear mixed with his knowledge were just two of the keys to the special sauce that makes “Blood Of My Enemies” a phenomenal freshman effort for ATTIKA 7.?

Zoiks! Online: You’ve watched the music industry change over the years, Now that you’ve got this new band, what’s it like trying to establish a new band with the state the music industry is in?

Evan: Is there really an industry? I have no expectations, just drive, motivation, and a love for music that I share with Rusty and my band brothers. It is certainly a different time, and to tell you the truth, I have a lot of great ideas on how to get our music out to the metal fans of the world, but ultimately, this is my life, i love to tour, sing, play and rock! The Internet is an amazing tool and it circumvents a lot of traditional means and mediums in which people used to access music and info. The most interesting difference is that way less people support bands and buy music than they did in my earlier years. What’s kind of funny and pathetic is that many music “industry” people say bullshit like, “Now, we make our money touring and selling merchandise,” which really means, people don’t buy a lot of records anymore, but the truth is, bands always made money touring,… if they worked hard. ATTIKA 7 has a real hardcore, blue-collar work ethic, so I’m sure we will have a long and strong career. The thing I like least about nowadays is the lame keyboard ninjas that all have an opinion about everything and everyone and simply talk shit about everyone and everything.. so here are a few rules to live by 1.) If someone says something online, but they don’t use their real name, and or address to back it up, they really didn’t say anything. 2) People who talk shit about bands or other celebs online but have never actually achieved anything on their own, their opinions don’t technically count, and 3) If someone calls you a douchebag, it just means that they are jealous of you, your success and or talent. The advent of social media and everyone having a voice is one of the greatest modern advances we have made as a society, but remember, if you are a nerd, and you dis everything that is cool, then all you have left is Jonah Hill and “Napoleon Dynamite”. Wait, that is actually all we have left… ATTIKA 7 is here to change that! We are looking to make it cool to be badass again….

Read the entire interview from Zoiks! Online.



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