Australian Study Links Listening to Heavy Metal With Depression

A new paper published by Melbourne University, in Australia, has linked listening to heavy metal music with an increased risk of depression and suicide in young teens. The study, conducted by Dr. Katrina McFerran, analyzed the music habits and behavior of teens aged between 13 and 18.

“Most young people listen to a range of music in positive ways; to block out crowds, to lift their mood or to give them energy when exercising, but young people at risk of depression are more likely to be listening to music, particularly heavy metal music, in a negative way,” McFerran said.

McFerran went onto say that those teens listening to heavy metal song or album habitually were in the highest risk category. It was also noted that teens turn to heavy metal as a break from reality and because they felt the music empathized with their own pain.

While it was concluded that those listening to rap, rock, and pop did not have the same results as those listening to heavy metal, the study also noted that some teens had their moods lifted by listening to heavy metal.