Austrian MACHINE HEAD Fan’s Second-In-A-Lifetime Experience (Video)

An Austrian MACHINE HEAD fan by the name of Peter, who made headlines back in February 2010 after being invited by the members of the band on stage to perform the song “Aesthetics Of Hate” with them in Vienna, got a chance to repeat the experience this past Saturday, November 5 in Tampere, Finland. Fan-filmed video footage of his second onstage jam with MACHINE HEAD can be seen below.

A year and a half ago, MACHINE HEAD fan site asked the band’s frontman Robb Flynn for his comment on the group’s initial encounter with Peter.

Stated Flynn: “About one song before ‘Aesthetics’, I noticed a kid upfront with a banner which said, ‘Let me play ‘Aesthetics Of Hate’ On Guitar, Robb. I’m Fucking Serious!!’ We both made eye contact, and both laughed it off. So when ‘Aesthetics’ came up in the set, him and a bunch of his friends start screaming, ‘Please.’ I’m like, ‘Dude, you better not be fucking around,’ he’s like, ‘I can do it.’ So I told security to bring him up. His name was Peter.

“He did fucking killer!! Knew all my parts [on guitar]. I had to slow him down in the beginning a little; he was playing it a hundred miles an hour. But once the band kicked in, he got it.

“It was really, really cool. Super-fun. It was an incredible moment in an even more incredible show.

“We brought him and his buddies back after the show to say, ‘Hey,’ and I asked how far the crowd surfed him after he stage-dived back into the audience. He said all the way to the bar, where three people bought him beers, and he proceeded to cry.

“Amazing stuff!”