AUTOPSY Guitarist Talks New Album, Forthcoming DVD

Roger Höglund of Sweden’s Musikenimittliv recently conducted an interview with guitarist Eric Cutler of the legendary San Francisco Bay Area gore grind act AUTOPSY. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Musikenimittliv: You have a compilation album coming out this February, “All Tomorrow’s Funerals”, that includes your EPs and stuff, but also new material. Can you tell me something about the new material and are they songs that didnt fit on “Macabre Eternal” or new stuff?

Eric: The new record, “All Tomorrow’s Funerals”, is a collection of all the EPs and rarities. It also includes four new tracks that are not related to “Macabre Eternal”. All completely new skull-crushing AUTOPSY, just like what you would expect! We recorded at Fantasy Studios again with Adam Munoz and the band mastered the new songs as well as remastered all of the old songs. We didnt mess with too much in remastering — mostly boosting up the volume to match. We feel good about it and I think you will like it.

Musikenimittliv: What’s your take on death metal these days? Do you have any thoughts about new bands out there?

Eric: Wow, there are so many bands that kill! We have benn playing festivals and seeing a ton of brutal bands, too many for me to list here. A few have to be IN SOLITUDE, FUNERUS, TORN FROM THE WOMB. There is a lot of bad music out there, but metal is definitely strong as hell!

Musikenimittliv: You have the “Born Undead” DVD coming out this year. What material is on it and when will it be released?

Eric: Ah, good question. We hope to have it out by May. There is a documentery on it that shows the complete history of the band, with interviews of the band and other bands. There is footage from different time peroids and clips from rare shows. A second DVD disc will contain live concerts after the reforming of the band. Concerts include Maryland Deathfest, Hole In The Sky in Norway and Party.San in Germany. Also included will be some of the Slaughter By The Water show in San Francisco 2011.

Musikenimittliv: AUTOPSY have probably the most respect out there amongs death metal bands. How does it feel to have that much respect from fans and other bands?

Eric: We appreciate all of the love, and we give it right back. There are so many that are important to the scene being what it is and we are humble to be a part of this. When you stay true to being brutal and keeping the same direction and sound, you can keep it going. If others stay on board, then you are blessed.

Musikenimittliv: You guys have begun writing a new album. How does the material come along, how does it sound and can you say when u plan to release it?

Eric: We hope to record it before this year ends and have it out early 2013. I’ve been told by a friend that it sounds more raw and crazy! Hahahahaha, how that is, I do not know! I feel that it is another step in the staircase of madness that is AUTOPSY.

Read the entire interview at Musikenimittliv.