German melodic dark metallers AUTUMNBLAZE have inked a deal with Pulverised Records. The band’s new album, “Every Sun Is Fragile”, will be released later this year.

Spawned in 1995, AUTUMNBLAZE released four full-length albums and two EPs before laying the band to rest in 2006 in search of other musical endeavors. The band ultimately reformed just two years later to release their critically lauded “Perdition Diaries” longplayer in 2009.

States AUTUMNBLAZE drummer Arisjel: “After we had recorded the ultimate AUTUMNBLAZE record this spring, it was obvious that we would need a really passionate label to promote this new album worldwide with enthusiasm and energy. Calvin [Chiang] and Roy [Yeo] from Pulverised were totally excited about our new material and we are proud that the label will release our brand new studio album.”

Regarding the musical direction of AUTUMNBLAZE‘s new material, Arisjel says, “Expect a various blend of epic/melancholic metal and rock. These are some of the most ambitious songs we’ve ever written and everything was captured by the amazing production of our friend Charles Greywolf (POWERWOLF, FLOWING TEARS).”

Adds singer Markus Baltes (a.k.a. Alvar Eldron): “With the kind help of Pulverised, we will be able to present our new masterpiece to all the AUTUMNBLAZE maniacs who have followed our way so far. Be prepared for nothing less than an original piece of soulspawn music! Detailed news will follow soon.”

Pulverised Records AR Manager Calvin Chiang notes of the signing: “Sometimes extremity in music can come in different forms. Although we have always been known to belt out some of the most vile and extreme forms of black/death metal, it comes as no surprise that we also have a penchant for dark emotional rock. In the sea of countless KATATONIA wannabes and the like, ‘Every Sun Is Fragile’ really touched our hearts immediately with an unbelievably soulful blend of darkness and their self-proclaimed ‘trip-rock.’ AUTUMNBLAZE is without doubt the best modern dark rock band we have discovered this year.”


Markus Baltes – Vocals, Guitar
Andreas – Guitar
Arisjel – Drums, Backing vocals


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