AVENGED SEVENFOLD Singer Explains Becoming Video Game Characters

AVENGED SEVENFOLD recently returned from taking most of 2012 off by debuting a new song called “Carry On” in last year’s most anticipated video game, Call Of Duty: Black Ops II. Not only did the band contribute the tune, but they also appeared as characters during the game’s closing credits to perform it. Singer M. Shadows told The Pulse Of Radio about the work involved in turning AVENGED SEVENFOLD into video game avatars. “We had two full days of motion capture, so the band went in there, put on silly outfits and we danced around and pretended like we were playing in front of an audience,” he said. “Hopefully none of those pictures will leak. But we did that, and then we went in there and for vocals I had to sit there and put my head in this vise, and they did motion capture of me singing the words a bunch of times. Between acting and pretending that you’re playing onstage when there’s nobody there, it was a pretty fun experience.”

AVENGED SEVENFOLD‘s video game counterparts do a little acting and fighting in the game in addition to performing “Carry On”.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II arrived in stores last November and has been selling in record-breaking numbers.

AVENGED SEVENFOLD is entering the studio this month to begin recording its sixth studio album, with Shadows recently telling Metal Hammer that the set “has a lot more of a [BLACK] SABBATH / [LED] ZEPPELIN feel to it.”

The band’s next album is due out this summer and will follow up 2010’s “Nightmare”, the first No. 1 record of AVENGED SEVENFOLD‘s career.