BANG TANGO Drummer Quits; Replacement Announced

According to Hot Metal, BANG TANGO drummer Trent Anderson has quit the band and has been replaced by Timmy Russell, formerly of LITTLE CREATURES. Anderson plans to concentrate on his dance act SUSHI ROLL as well as join veteran California rockers TUFF.

In a statement on Facebook, Trent (all the way on the left in photo below) said: “It is official, after nearly four years, one CD and many miles of travel, I am leaving BANG TANGO.

“I am seeking new bands and projects to tour with in 2013. I hope to see all my friends out there soon. I wish the best of luck and much success to Joe (Leste) , Scott (Laflamme), and Lance (Eric).

He later added: “So many nice comments about me leaving BANG TANGO. I love all of you, and will have a couple tour date announcents next week nothing major but more will hopefully roll in every week.”

In a separate Facebook post, BANG TANGO guitarist Scott LaFlamme said: “Well, friends and fans, Trent Anderson and BANG TANGO have decided to part ways. Trent is a huge part of the BANG TANGO family and we wish him well. Taking Trent‘s position on the drum kit is our great friend Timmy Russell. Timmy has played for BANG TANGO in the past as well as BEAUTIFUL CREATURES and BURN HALO. Trent will always be one of our bros.”