Bang Your Head In Heavy Metal-Inspired Video Puzzle Game

From independent developer Byteberry, in collaboration with Nuclear Blast, comes a highly unique jigsaw puzzle game, Action Puzzle, in which players are challenged with solving video clip puzzles in a highly unique heavy metal inspired environment.

In Action Puzzle (Metal), compatible with the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, and the Apple iPad, players have fun solving video puzzles by putting the individual jigsaw video-pieces together. By playing the game, watching the videos, and listening to legendary metal tracks, Action Puzzle offers players a fun and unique experience including no less than 13 insane video puzzles by 11 classic heavy metal bands of all time.

Action Puzzle has three epic modes of play — Classic, Squares and Challenge — and features a built-in audio player supporting multitasking, enabling players to listen to metal tracks as the game runs in the background. The game also supports the headset’s remote control functions. Additionally, Action Puzzle has a built-in video player making it possible to watch any and all video-clips at convenience, and with intuitive controls, a slick interface, not to mention stunning visuals; this game has plenty to offer. And last but not least, Action Puzzle has 8 unique puzzle shapes, 5 levels of difficulty, and an astonishing 24 awesome and stunning wallpapers to collect (with codes gathered online).

Action Puzzle (Metal) is available from the App Store at this location.


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