BANGER FILMS Co-Founder SCOT MCFADYEN Interviewed (Video)

Freelance reporter Katie Uhlmann recently conducted an interview with Scot McFadyen, the Canadian co-founder of Banger Films and co-director of “Metal: A Headbangers Journey”; “Global Metal”; “Iron Maiden: Flight 666”; “Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage”; and the groundbreaking documentary series “Metal Evolution”. You can watch the chat below.

Born in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Scot studied writing at the University of Victoria. In the 1990s he started his own theatre company, directing and producing plays, including David Mamet‘s “Edmund”, and ran the largest music production company on Vancouver Island.

Prior to co-founding Banger Films, Scot worked as a music supervisor and soundtrack producer on film and television projects including “Gingers Snaps”, “Siblings”, “Queer As Folk” and the cult hit “FUBAR”.

Scot‘s first feature documentary, “Metal: A Headbangers Journey”, won a Gemini Award for “Best Writing In A Documentary” and was released theatrically and on DVD in over 40 countries. The success of “Metal: A Headbangers Journey” allowed Scot to grow Banger Films into one of Canada’s best-known documentary filmmaking operations.

Banger‘s second feature was “Global Metal”. Negotiating a seven-week, seven-country shoot required Scot‘s particular talent for making the impossible possible and then making over 350 hours of footage in multiple languages make sense.

Scot‘s most recent film, “Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage”, explores the 40-year career of Canada’s biggest rock band. The film premiered at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival and took home the Audience Award. He has since produced an 11-episode documentary series on the history of heavy metal called “Metal Evolution”, which aired on VH1 Classic last November and was released on DVD earlier this year.



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