Baptized In Blood Drummer takes on Mike Mangini’s old job

Steve Bolognese, former drummer for the Canadian thrashers, Baptized in Blood, has a new job other than being the man from behind the kit in a killer metal band.  Now that Mike Mangini has joined Dream Theater, there’s been an opening at Boston’s Berklee College of Music (where Mangini resigned from to join DT).  Steve Bolognese applied, and got the job.  Seeing that Steve was once a student of Mangini’s, it seems like the role has been filled by the right man.

Steve says: “As the world knows, Mike Mangini has joined Dream Theater as their new drummer.  Mike was my drum teacher for years, beginning back in 2000. He is one of the most talented, dedicated drummers in the world, and also one of the most inspirational teachers one could ask for.  Unfortunately, Mike, or any of us for that matter, cannot be in two places at once. Therefore, he has recommended me to teach his classes at Berklee. It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m totally honored.

“Mike is obviously irreplaceable, but I’m going to do my best to share the invaluable information that Mike has taught me. It always feels great to share the knowledge with aspiring students.”

So it seems that not only did Bolognese score the job, but he was also recommended by Mangini, himself!  We are very impressed, but not surprised- Bolognese is one helluva drummer.

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