BARONESS Drummer: ‘We’re Fully Supportive Of RANDY BLYTHE’

During a recent interview with Loudwire, drummer and founding member Allen Blickle of the Savannah, Georgia-based quartet BARONESS was asked for his thoughts on LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe‘s recent arrest in the Czech Republic in connection with the death of a fan at a show more than two years ago.

“It’s a huge bummer, man,” Allen replied. “We were all really shocked. Our thoughts go out to him and the rest of the guys. We really hope it all gets resolved quickly. We’re super close friends with those guys and we’re just wishing them the best of luck. We’re fully supportive of him.

When asked if Blythe‘s current ordeal makes him re-think BARONESS‘ upcoming show in the Czech Republic, Allen replied, “You mean like we wouldn’t play because of that situation? I don’t know. It’s weird, I actually have never thought about it like that. Maybe I should have. I don’t think any of us have thought of it in that way. I don’t think they’re handling it well. It’s not his fault. It seems like it got out of hand. It really could’ve happened to anyone and that’s kind of the shitty part about it. They just put it on Randy, that’s the bad part. We’ve been keeping up with it and hope it gets taken care of.”

Photo credit: Jimmy Hubbard


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