Bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling Discusess Leaving Obscura

Photo of Obscura

Bass webzine NoTreble has released an exclusive interview with Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Nufutic, Pestilence, ex-Obscura), where he talks about his musical background and leaving German technical death metal act Obscura.

Thesseling collaborated with Obscura from 2008 to 2011 and recorded the band’s full-length albums “Cosmogenesis” (2009) and “Omnivium” (2011). In 2009 Jeroen rejoined Dutch death metallers Pestilence after a 15-year hiatus. He recorded Pestilence’s fourth and sixth studio albums, “Spheres” (1993) and “Doctrine” (2011).

Thesseling commented in the interview, “After leaving Obscura, I thought ‘What could I do?’, I don’t feel like touring anymore, being five or six weeks on the road in a bus, every night playing the same songs. It was great to do it, but on the other hand I must say you don’t get to develop yourself to become a better musician because you’re always playing the same stuff every night, over and over again.”

A further excerpt from the interview can be found below.

NoTreble: A few months ago it was announced you left Obscura. What happened?

Jeroen: That was a very hard decision for me, but I had to leave the band. Four people trying to make a living off that band means you have to tour a lot. If you do nothing besides the band, you have to tour for 7-8 months per year just to make a living of it. That was something that I tried. I left my job and I went for it. During the period that I was active with Obscura, I also rejoined Pestilence again for several reasons, but also to make money to survive. Then you find out that it’s extremely hard to combine two bands, not only for recordings, but more for touring. You get huge problems and conflicting schedules.

It was last year that made me decide that it would be better to go back to a job and give up one of those bands. You can’t be in a day job while the rest of the band wants to tour for months. It was more like a financial pressure that made me decide to leave Obscura while the band was doing really well and as they were recording their second album, which was released and received very very well. [I played on the album], but I haven’t performed it live.