Behind-The-Scenes Footage From DAVE MUSTAINE’s StarGreetz Shoot

Behind-the-scenes footage from MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine‘s recent StarGreetz shoot can be seen below.

StarGreetz is a pioneering new content provider of customized, user-personalized, star-powered video messages for online and mobile platforms. The company launched in June with a transformative technology that enables marketers to talk directly to their customers, and empowers stars to address their fans personally by name.

StarGreetz‘ proprietary technology allows the voices and video images of celebrities and brand personalities to be transformed into personalized, rich-media messages sent directly to consumers via Facebook, Twitter, web pages, banner ads, email, mobile and digital devices, even personalized audio on land lines. All of StarGreetz‘ content incorporates the user name and most of its products are user-customized with a selection of variables such as location, hobbies, gender, and relationship, among others creating hyper-personalized messages.

StarGreetzFacebook application, the first of its kind, brings personalized videos directly to fans. When a user activates a StarGreetz video, it addresses the user by name with a personalized message. For users who “like” a particular brand or celebrity, StarGreetz publishes videos to that user’s Newsfeed, which address them by name, after a one-time app allow. Those messages in turn can be shared virally, allowing their friends to open their own personalized messages.

StarGreetz founder and CEO Eric Frankel, former president of Warner Bros. domestic television distribution, understands the power of combining personalization and celebrity as a way for marketers to cut through the digital clutter. “Our technology is groundbreaking. It’s the first time in marketing history where brands — and stars — can reach consumers and fans directly, without any intermediary, speaking to them by name. It’s the personalization factor that sets us apart. As a result, consumers feel a personal bond that they have never felt before, compelling them to action,” said Frankel. “Through hyper-personalization, StarGreetz is a disruptive marketing technology that creates deeper relationships with consumers, increasing brand or fan loyalty by delivering highly-relevant, impactful messages to already engaged users and to new users virally.”

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