BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS To Release ‘Horrorscension’ In October

Brooklyn, New York-based progressive/experimental instrumental metal band BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS will release its second full-length album, “Horrorscension”, on October 23 via Black Market Activities. The CD marks the recording debut of the group’s drummer, Weasel Walter, a multi-instrumentalist renowned for his work under the name THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS and his widespread collaborations across the free jazz, noise, and metal genres. Walter joins founding members Colin Marston (12-string Warr guitar) and Mike Lerner (guitar). Marston is also a member of KRALLICE, GORGUTS and DYSRHYTHMIA, as well as an acclaimed recording engineer whose recent credits include KAYO DOT, JARBOE and ALTAR OF PLAGUES.

“Horrorscension” showcases BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS‘ signature method of songcraft: all songs are composed in written form before ever being played. Despite its jaw-dropping complexity, the music is delivered with a raw, visceral attack — something closer to punk than to the antiseptic sound of music-school perfectionism all too common amongst younger technical bands. Marston stated, “I would love it if, when people hear ‘Horrorscension’, they think ‘Whoa, what the hell is going on?’ rather than ‘Wow, they can play their instruments well.'”

“Horrorscension” was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Marston at his The Thousand Caves studio in Queens, New York. The cover art is by longtime collaborator Terry Grow.



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