BEHOLDER To Release ‘The Order Of Chaos’ In February

British heavy metal flag-bearers BEHOLDER will release their new album, “The Order Of Chaos”, in February. Produced by frontman Simon Hall in conjunction with Simon Cliffe, the CD contains “twelve tracks of uncompromising metal fuelled and driven by Hall‘s signature roar,” according to a press release.

“Fiercely proud to be British yet disillusioned with much the nation offers has meant anger, frustration and pure bloody fury has lyrically shaped this album as an all-out attack!” the press release adds. “With undeniable hook lines, complexity and brutal delivery that will draw you in kicking and screaming as we again point scorn and derision at a world marked by massive inequalities of wealth and power. Whether it is politicians, bureaucrats, celebrity, media, war tyrants, plastic faced hags, those who have simply shaped the world, or just a need for a flesh-ripping zombie apocalypse fix, all are thrown into the album.”

“The Order Of Chaos” track listing:

01. Black Flag
02. Profit Of The Lie
03. Here I Stand
04. Splinter
05. The Tale Of Eleanor Grey
06. Killing Machine
07. Morphine Serenity
08. Liar
09. Toxic Nation
10. Out Of Ashes (instrumental)
11. Footprints
12. This Blackened Earth

Check out an album teaser below.