BENEDICTUM Taps Producer JEFF PILSON For New Album

BENEDICTUM has announced its continued collaboration with Jeff Pilson on the development of the band’s next album, to be released before the end of the year via Frontiers Records. The result will bring back the magic BENEDICTUM and Pilson captured during their earlier releases, 2008’s “Seasons Of Tragedy” and 2006’s “Uncreation”.

This year and 2013 will be exciting for BENEDICTUM following the recent addition of drummer Rikard Stjernquist, known for his exceptional talent in JAG PANZER for 25 years.

Pilson is known for his bass playing in such legendary acts as FOREIGNER, DOKKEN and DIO, as well as for working as a producer with LYNCH MOB and ADLER’S APPETITE, among others.

States Pilson: “I’m very excited about producing the new BENEDICTUM record. I’m very passionate about their music and love working with the band. V‘s vocals, Pete‘s guitars, the band’s energy and the songs are all something that are very close to my heart. This record will be their crowning achievement — of that I have no doubts!”

BENEDICTUM was formed in 2005. After they were noticed by Craig Goldy (DIO, GUIFFRIA, BUDGIE), the wheels were set in motion and eventually led to their debut CD, “Uncreation”.


Veronica Freeman (lead vocals)
Pete Wells (lead guitar)
Chris Shrum (bass)
Rikard Stjernquist (drums/percussion)