Washington, D.C.-based heavy metallers A SOUND OF THUNDER are now offering their new EP, “Queen Of Hell”, exclusively through The EP serves as a follow-up to the 2012 studio album, “Out Of The Darkness”, and teaser for the band’s next studio CD, “Time’s Arrow”, due in spring 2013.

“Queen Of Hell” was produced by Kevin “131” Gutierrez (SHINEDOWN, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT, DECEASED) at Assembly Line Studios in Virginia. A SOUND OF THUNDER guitarist Josh Schwartz states, “We had too much great material for our next album and weren’t willing to shelve it, so the EP was a no-brainer. It gives us a great reward to offer the fans who support our fundraising campaign for the next album, and reduces the wait time for new music from the band.”

A preview of the new release is available below.

BENEDICTUM vocalist Veronica Freeman makes an appearance on the “Queen Of Hell” EP, performing a duet with A SOUND OF THUNDER vocalist Nina Osegueda on the title track.

Veronica is a real metal monster of a vocalist, and has the power and presence to deliver this kind of classic metal,” said Schwartz. “She is a true queen of metal and together with Nina, your speakers might just explode!” .

Freeman commented: “Sometimes I get asked to do a special project and I have to give it a bit of thought, but with Nina, having performed with her on stage before and knowing how she can ‘bring it,’ I knew it was not only going to be a lot of fun, but that it would be some kick-ass music to work with. It was a real honor to be asked to work with her and A SOUND OF THUNDER. Hmmmmm, hope to do something more in the future… you never know!!”

The cover art for “Queen Of Hell” was created by Serbian artist Dušan Markovic and can be seen below.

“We’ve always wanted to do an homage to the classic fantasy and swords sorcery themed metal album covers,” says Osegueda. “As you can see, we’ve gone all horns up with the ‘Queen Of Hell’ art… I finally have the throne of skulls I’ve always wanted!”

On August 20, A SOUND OF THUNDER started a fundraiser campaign for the recording of “Time’s Arrow”. The campaign will run for 30 days and offers fans a chance to pre-order the album, have their name printed in the album booklet, reserve an ultra-limited box set edition of the album, and acquire unique and rare items from the band.



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