BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY: ‘Existence’ Video Released

BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY has released the video for the track “Existence” featuring footage from the band’s October 28, 2011 show in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Existence” is the title track of the latest BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY album, a two-disc musical collaboration between the band and 20 guest musicians.

Commented Beto, “It was a bit of a time since I last played, [so] getting back on stage was a huge effort, not only for me, but from all the band. We enjoyed every single moment as it could have been the last concert that we were going to play. It was great and I’m looking forward to play again in the near future, maybe one day in the States. Fans were awesome, as usual! I only do music for them to enjoy it.”

“Existence” is currently available through End Of The Light Records, distributed by DisManic via eOne Distribution.

Twenty guest musicians and eleven countries were involved in the project, including Timo Tolkki (STRATOVARIUS), Dominique Leurquin (RHAPSODY OF FIRE), Alfred Romero (DARK MOOR) and Jacob Jansen (ANUBIS GATE).

Lineup for the performance:

Beto Vazquez: Bass
Inés Vera-Ortiz: Lead and backing vocals
Omar Mansilla: Lead, rhythm guitars
Victor Rivarola: Keyboards
Norberto Róman: Drums
Carlos Ferrari: Lead, rhythm guitars
María Cecilia Perez San Martin: Backing Vocals.