‘Big Four’ At Yankee Stadium: New 17-Minute Video Report Posted Online

Jo Schüftan of Horns Up Rocks! has posted a 17-minute video report shot during the “Big Four” concert on Wednesday, September 14 at the Yankee Stadium in New York City. The clip features live footage, fan interview clips as well as highlights from ANTHRAX‘s midday press conference. Also available is a three-and-a-half-minute report from Artisan News.

The highly anticipated onstage performance of the “Big Four” bands at the same time happened near the end of METALLICA‘s set, between “Enter Sandman” and “Battery”. Members of ANTHRAX, SLAYER, MEGADETH and EXODUS (whose guitarist, Gary Holt, is still filling in for an ailing Jeff Hanneman of SLAYER) joined METALLICA on stage for a cover of MOTÖRHEAD‘s “Overkill” before METALLICA ended the night with “Seek Destroy”.

The first U.S. “Big Four” concert took place on April 23 in Indio, California.

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich told RollingStone.com after the Indio show that there was a possibility of gigs in the South and Midwest, although he doubted a full tour would happen.

The all-day event in Indio featured the so-called “Big Four” bands of the Eighties thrash metal scene performing together on a U.S. stage for the first time ever in their 30-year careers.

A series of similar shows last summer in Europe was wildly popular, leading to demand for a U.S. version. The “Big Four” package also played several more European dates this past July.

All four bands were presented with awards for sales of a hundred thousand copies of a “Big Four” live DVD which was released late last year.

Horns Up Rocks! report:


Artisan News report: