BIOHAZARD Working On New Material

New York hardcore/metal veterans BIOHAZARD have begun writing and demoing material for the follow-up to this year’s “Reborn In Defiance”.

A photo of BIOHAZARD frontman Scott Roberts “layin’ some bad-ass vocals” in the studio can be seen below.

“Reborn In Defiance” was released in Europe on January 20 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Not only is “Reborn In Defiance” BIOHAZARD‘s first original lineup album in 18 years, but it also marks the last album recorded by the band before the departure of bassist and co-vocalist Evan Seinfeld. The effort remains a testament to the four founding members (Billy Graziadei, Bobby Hambel, Evan Seinfeld and Danny Schuler) and their unique chemistry.

Seinfeld left the band in June 2011 after the band’s new CD was completed and was replaced by Roberts, who played on the band’s 2005 “Means To An End” album and has been part of the BIOHAZARD extended family since.