BIOHAZARD’s BILLY GRAZIADEI Talks Jiu-Jitsu In New Video Interview

Guitarist and vocalist Billy Graziadei of the New York hardcore metal band BIOHAZARD recently spoke to Germany’s Metal Hammer magazine about his passion for jiu-jitsu. Check out the footage below.

Graziadei told that he originally was introduced to Brazilian jiu-jitsu through BIOHAZARD‘s drummer, Danny Schuler, who had read about the Gracies in a magazine article.

“When the first UFC came on, we were young and were such fans of fighting and anything like that because of who we were and where we came from,” he said. “I didn’t see it live, but I had it on video tape like a week after it aired and I remember watching it and being blown away.

“We did a record in L.A., and Rickson [Gracie] had a place in Chico — a small little place like in the back of a garage or something — and it was awesome. We made a lot of good friends, and that was the beginning of my (pursuit of) jiu-jitsu.”

Graziadei told he sees comparisons to BIOHAZARD‘s journey with that of MMA and the UFC in particular.

“I think like with everything it is perseverance,” he said. “If you really believe in it, you stick with it. When Rorion [Gracie] brought in the UFC, it was kind of a catalyst and it blew up from there. It has had its ups and downs, but it has grown immensely and very quickly outside the martial arts world. It is very similar and a parallel with what happened with BIOHAZARD.”