The old/new album of the Seattle based technical thrashers BITTER END “Have A Nice Death!” is being manufactured now and will be available since July 28th through Metal On Metal Records that offered the band a deal earlier this year.

Commented bassist Chris Fox:

“When Bitter End broke up in the Summer of 1992, the members of the band never could have imagined that another release was in the cards. Nor that it would be almost 20 years coming!  But now, thanks to the dogged efforts of Jowita and the Simone at Metal On Metal Records, Bitter End’s unreleased last six songs will at last be commercially available, under the title “Have A Nice Death!” Audiences will get a chance to hear with fresh ears the thrash metal sounds that were coming together even as Seattle’s non-metal music scene was breaking through to a global audience. The members of Bitter End – Matt, Chris, Russ and Harry – are very grateful to Metal On Metal for this release, which they hope will help to remind metal fans around the world of Seattle’s importance in the history of metal music.”

During the long process of preparations for the release, the bonds were renewed and the band members decided to meet and start rehearsing again, preparing for the CD release gig and possible further shows. There’s a talk about writing new material for the third album as well.

Guitarist Russ Stefanovich, known also from traditional heavy metal band MIDNIGHT IDÖLS (Metal On Metal Records) adds:
“At present, we are excited to be rehearsing as a band as of this week. We are preparing to a local release party/show with details developing to coincide with US shipment of the new CD, a possible slot on the Warriors of Metal festival in Ohio 2k12, and making ourselves available to perform as demand dictates. We are confident that metal fans will enjoy this release, and if we can bring them the live show, we are excited to do so.”

The band will soon take new photos, but here’s what they looked like at the time of the recording of “Have A Nice Death!” in 1992:

BITTER END promo photo (credit: Alison Braun):

BITTER END promo photoBITTER END promo photo

You can listen to “Tiny Minds” from the band’s MySpace page ( and additionally to “Tunnel Vision” from Metal On Metal Records website ( Here’s the complete track list:

1. Tiny Minds
2. Right To Lie
3. Burning Bridges
4. No Law
5. Sludge
6. Tunnel Vision
7. Meet Your Maker (demo bonus track)
8. Save Us (demo bonus track)
9. Beat The System (demo bonus track)
10. Living Hell (demo bonus track)
11. Right To Lie (live bonus track)
12. Profits Of Doom (live bonus track)
13. Tiny Minds (live bonus track)
14. No Law (live bonus track)

Songs 1-6 are from the 1991/1992 studio sessions, co-produced by BITTER END and Jack Endino. Tracks 7-10 are the “Meet Your Maker” demo from 1988, digitized from the original reels. And the last 4 songs are live cuts from a 1990 show in Seattle, WA.

BITTER END “Have A Nice Death!” cover art:

BITTER END Have A Nice Death!

BITTER END “Have A Nice Death!”

You can already pre-order BITTER END “Have A Nice Death!” CD from Metal On Metal Records website ( either as a regular or special tin-case edition with 2 photos. Everybody who pre-orders this technical thrash metal gem will get a download link for the complete and mastered live recording from 1990 (11 songs, approx. 54 min.) as a free bonus.

Before you can have the album on CD (or as mp3s, because it will be also available for downloading), you can buy digital single “Burning Bridges”. It’s available from CD Baby (, iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic and other digital stores.

BITTER END “Burning Bridges” digital single cover art:

BITTER END Burning Bridges

BITTER END “Burning Bridges”

Check out this short promo clip for the album and the single:
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(Additional info)
Technical thrash metal act BITTER END was formed in 1985 in Seattle, WA, and after “Meet Your Maker” demo from 1988, released “Harsh Realities” in 1990 through Metal Blade Records. In the autumn/winter of 1991 and 1992 they recorded songs for their 2nd album, that was never released to the band’s demise, to which the rise of the more popular music from their hometown contributed too. 19 years later the shelved album “Have A Nice Death!”.will finally see the light of day and BITTER END decided to reunite, play some shows and start writing new material.

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