Black Crucifixion – The fallen one of flames/Satanic zeitgeist

Hailing from Rovaniemi, Lapland, Black Crucifixion pioneered Finnish black metal in 1991 with The Fallen One of Flames mini-album. The band also professionally recorded their debut show in August 1991, which was later released on limited edition vinyl entitled Satanic Zeitgeist.

The beginning of Black Crucifixion involved also the other Rovaniemi black metal
conspirators Beherit,as Black Crucifixion’s first line-up featured Beherit members and Beherit’s Holocausto Vengeance also co-produced The Fallen One of Flames. But the band’s creative core was always separate from Beherit. This period of the world’s northernmost black metal can now be heard on this special release.

Black Crucifixion - The fallen one of flames/Satanic Zeitgeist

Release date:     Early May
Label:                Soulseller Records