‘Black Sabbath And Philosophy: Mastering Reality’ Book Out Now

“Black Sabbath And Philosophy: Mastering Reality”, a philosophical look at heavy metal’s dark masters of reality, BLACK SABBATH, has just been published worldwide via The Blackwell Philosophy And Pop Culture Series.

Ear-splittingly loud, for some, musically-challenging and with lyrics that speak of apocalypse, death and destruction, listening to BLACK SABBATH is not for everyone. In fact, some would tell you that the band worship Satan, their songs promote violence and even try to convince teenagers to commit suicide. But is that really true, or could it be that those who find tuning into the masters of heavy metal rewarding and intoxicating know something about themselves and life that those of us who find it a terrifying experience are missing out on? In his new book, William Irwin (die-hard SABBATH fan and philosopher), and his team of fellow contributors travel deep into the heart of the band’s music and lyrics to reveal that there’s plenty more to the dark masters of reality than a whole lot of noise…

Drawing on the works of philosophers including Plato, Aristotle (who, in Chapter 7, joins the band!), Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, each chapter discusses and debates the range of thought-provoking topics and themes that tell us more about who BLACK SABBATH is (can it be BLACK SABBATH without Ozzy Osbourne?), why they created the sound they did and what lies hidden in the music and lyrics of their songs. Whether it’s an analysis of war, pollution, poverty, drug abuse or dealing with the problems of modernity, what emerges is that each song, like philosophy itself, is a quest to discover truth and a means of facing up to reality. So, not so sinister after all…

As legions of SABBATH fans await news of a much-anticipated new album and reunion tour, there’s no better time to discover a deeper appreciation and understanding of Ozzy, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward and Ronnie James Dio. Reading “Black Sabbath And Philosophy” will help you do just that and, at the same time, may just introduce you to your own mind.

Irwin is professor of philosophy at King’s College in Pennsylvania. He originated the philosophy and popular culture genre of books with “Seinfeld And Philosophy” in 1999. Irwin has also co-edited “The Simpsons and Philosophy” and edited “The Matrix And Philosophy” and “Metallica And Philosophy”. He is currently the general editor of The Blackwell Philosophy And Pop Culture Series.