BLACK SABBATH On ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’: Entire Episode Available Online

BLACK SABBATH made a rare television appearance when the band performed a new song on the season finale of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”. The episode aired last night (Wednesday, May 15) on CBS-TV and can now be viewed in its entirety at The band world premiered a song called “End Of The Beginning” from their upcoming album “13”. The episode’s plot follows the CSI team as they investigate a series of murder that resemble the sins in “Dante’s Inferno”, with the trail leading the detectives played by Ted Danson and Marc Vann to attend a SABBATH concert.

“I’m not an actor,” said SABBATH singer Ozzy Osbourne. “It’s like a hurry-up-and-wait. When you see it on TV, it’s all done, but when you’re filming, there’s a lot of stuff going on.”

He added about the band’s return to the spotlight: “It’s been a long time, but the wait has been well worth it, ’cause the album is really good. I’m really pleased with the outcome.

“It’s good fun and it’s a good way of telling people that we’re back together, you know?”

“13” is due out on June 11 and is the first SABBATH album in 35 years to feature Ozzy, Geezer and guitarist Tony Iommi.

Ozzy told an Australian radio station that the new album is “mindblowing,” adding, “It’s better than my wildest dreams; it’s so good.”

The drum tracks on the album were laid down by RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE sticksman Brad Wilk following original drummer Bill Ward‘s decision to bow out of the reunion.

“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” is nearing the end of its 13th season and regularly wins its time period with nearly 12 million viewers per episode.

It is also a global ratings hit, earning the International TV Audience Award for the “most-watched show in the world” for the third consecutive year and its fifth time in seven years.



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