BLACK SABBATH’s War Pigs’ Covered By 10-Year-Old Girl

Video footage of MOTION DEVICE, the Ontario, Canada-based band fronted by 10-year-old female singer Sara Menoudakis, performing a cover version of BLACK SABBATH‘s “War Pigs” can be seen below.



In addition to Sara, MOTION DEVICE features her 13-year-old brother David, 15-year-old sister Andrea, 18-year-old cousin Josh and 18-year-old family friend Alex.

MOTION DEVICE recently made its radio debut on “The Kim Mitchell Show” on Toronto’s classic rock station Q107. They also performed on national TV on CTV‘s “Canada AM” and played the halftime show in front of 20,000 for the Toronto Argonauts at The Rogers Centre.

The Menoudakis kids got their passion for rock from their father John Menoudakis, who has co-written their handful of original songs. He also functions as MOTION DEVICE‘s manager.

“Rock and roll is in their blood,” John told in August.

Sara definitely doesn’t have a dainty voice,” he laughed. “She does realize that if she is going to continue with music she needs to, number one, be unique.”

Since MOTION DEVICE launched a Twitter account earlier in the year, John has posted nearly 28,000 tweets and has reached out to such legendary rockers as AEROSMITH‘s Steven Tyler and Alice Cooper.

Cooper tweeted a response to MOTION DEVICE‘s cover of “School’s Out” saying, “The singer is a 10-year-old girl, but this band has more bite than most.”