BLACKGUARD Preparing To Record New Album

Montreal, Quebec, Canada-based sympho/black/folk/power metallers BLACKGUARD are hard at work on pre-production for their fourth album, “Storm”. Vocalist Paul Zinay states, “Everyone here is ecstatic over the material we have. Our new guitarist, Louis, is a riff machine and working his ass off to help make this the best BLACKGUARD album to date.

“The writing process this time around is unlike anything we’ve done before. In the past, one or two people would make up the vast majority of material for the album. This time, however, everyone is contributing ideas and music and the results are beyond my expectations.

“We will be heading into studio in September to start tracking and we’re hoping to have the record out in early 2013. Lyrically, I’m taking a step into new territory by trying my hand at writing a concept album. This won’t be as intricate or vast as ‘The Emerald Sword Saga’ or ‘The Metal Opera’, but this will be an exciting and new challenge for me nonetheless.”

BLACKGUARD‘s critically acclaimed album “Firefight” was released on March 29, 2011 via Victory Records. Revolver magazine praised the CD for its “epic, cinematic presence… filled with explosions, breaking glass, warrior chants and foreboding drumming.”

BLACKGUARD will embark on a month-long tour on October 7 in New York City. They will join EPICA starting October 23 and will wrap up in their hometown of Montreal, Quebec.


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