BLACKMORE’S NIGHT To Release ‘A Knight In York’ DVD, Blu-Ray, CD

BLACKMORE’S NIGHT, the renaissance-inspired rock band formed by Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candice Night, will release a live recording, “A Knight In York”, on DVD, Blu-ray, CD and 3-LP set (limited edtion) in late June/early July.

“A Knight In York” was filmed and recorded during BLACKMORE’S NIGHT‘s British tour at York Opera House on September 30, 2011.

BLACKMORE’S NIGHT‘s latest album, “Autumn Sky”, came out in 2010.

In addition to being known for its unique sound combining traditional instruments, guitars and Candice‘s enchanting lyrics and vocals, BLACKMORE’S NIGHT is also known for its fabulous live shows, many of which have been performed at castles and other exceptional venues that add to the mystique and warmth of its performance.

Recorded during Candice‘s pregnancy, Candice and Ritchie dedicated the “Autumn Sky” album to their daughter Autumn Esmerelda Blackmore.

Ritchie, 67, and Candice, 41, were married on October 5, 2008 at a small gathering of friends and family at Castle on the Hudson in Tarrytown, New York.