BLACKOUT SUPERSTAR, the Cleveland, Ohio-based rock band featuring guitarist Ken Obloy (RIKETS), vocalist Jonny Sayre (ERASE THE GREY), bassist Kenny Irizarry (GATLIN), guitarist Jeff Butchko (ERASE THE GREY) and drummer Holly Manning (REBEL GIRL), has inked a deal with Radium Records. The group is currently putting the finishing touches on its full-length debut, “Whiskey Weekend”, with producer Ben Schigel (CHIMAIRA, STRAIGHT LINE STITCH, EVANESCENCE, DROWNING POOL) at Spider Studios. A January release is planned, with a record-launch party scheduled on January 21 at Peabody’s in Cleveland.

According to BLACKOUT SUPERSTAR‘s official bio, the band’s goal is “a simple one: to help put the ‘roll’ back in rock ‘n’ roll. . . High-energy performances, well-crafted anthems and an insatiable appetite for ruling the airwaves make BLACKOUT SUPERSTAR a must-see, must-hear culmination of euphonious excellence. With a full-length record, series of music videos and a summer tour in the works, BLACKOUT SUPERSTAR are a kinetic ball of symphonious fury, kicking ass and taking names the entire time. If it’s a party you want, then you won’t want to miss a second of the BLACKOUT SUPERSTAR journey.”

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