BLAZE BAYLEY And PAUL DI’ANNO To Join Forces For Tour Of Australia, New Zealand

Former IRON MAIDEN singers Blaze Bayley and Paul Di’Anno will join forces for a tour of Australia and New Zealand in November/December. Blaze says, “I have never been to Australia or New Zealand before, so I’m very excited. I also have family there that I have never met, so it makes the whole tour even better. Of course, I will be signing after every show where it is possible, and I will try to meet you all and sign things before the show if I have to rush off after the show.”

The dates are as follows:

Nov. 22 – Melbourne, Australia – The Hi Fi
Nov. 23 – Hobart, Australia – The Brisbane
Nov. 24 – Perth, Australia – Civic
Nov. 25 – Adelaide, Australia – Fowlers
Nov. 26 – Brisbane, Australia – The Hi Fi
Nov. 29 – Newcastle, Australia – Cambridge
Nov. 30 – Sydney, Australia – Manning
Dec. 01 – Canberra, Australia – Basement
Dec. 02 – Wollongong, Australia – Waves
Dec. 07 – Wellington, New Zealand – Bodegas
Dec. 08 – Auckland, New Zealand – Kings Arms

Bayley and Di’Anno previously toured together in Russia earlier this year. Asked how the trek came about, Blaze told, “I had put it off for years as once before it had been suggested, but it didn’t feel right at the time. Also, when I had my full-time band, it was exclusive. No one in the band could do anything else, and that included me. There was a lot of things that I wanted to try, but I couldn’t do it as I was committed to staying with my full-time band. This offer came up, and I had done a couple of festivals on the same bill as Paul, and it was offered as a co-headliner, not as a support, switching the headliner every night. Paul was also OK with that and it also wasn’t just all my MAIDEN stuff — it was a lot of my stuff from my own albums — so I could choose my setlist, to a certain degree, and also include my popular MAIDEN material also. It felt good to do it and say yes! It was also in Russia, a very difficult place to get into. The fans are great but it’s very difficult to get in touch with them. Sometimes even to let them know that you are playing! I thought that it would be an opportunity for me, but on my last trip, there was poor promotion; I hardly played to anybody. I thought this time it would be different as all the shows were full, reaction was great and I played to a lot of new people. These people knew about me from IRON MAIDEN but had never seen me live. I came away from the tour after playing to my target audience and new people who had never previously seen me live; it was really good, Paul and I both enjoyed it.”

Bayley added, “[Di’Anno is] a very funny guy with a dry sense of humor and we gave each other plenty of space, as we are both experienced with different opinions of IRON MAIDEN. It worked well.”


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