BLAZE BAYLEY Parts Ways With His Hair

Four years after appearing in ads for Optima Hair Specialists (see below), one of the leading exponents in the hair-replacement industry in Britain, former IRON MAIDEN and current WOLFSBANE singer Blaze Bayley has finally decided to shave off his locks and go bald.

A photo of the new-look Bayley rehearsing on May 1 for his upcoming festival appearances with his new band — Dave Andrews, Claudio Tirincanti, Nick Meganck and Steve Deleu — can be viewed below. Also available is video footage from the rehearsal sessions.

When Bayley first discovered he was losing his hair he didn’t “run to the hills” and step away from the heavy metal music spotlight. He opted for a much more positive approach.

Going bald, quite simply, ain’t rock and roll and the forty-something rock legend was a “man on the edge” as he sought to rejuvenate his appearance and keep his hairline as fresh as the song lines being produced by his heavy rocking band. Birmingham-born Blaze went back to his roots to see if Optima could help him rediscover his crowning glory and he was said to be “delighted with the results.”

“My music is as dynamic as it ever was and I was desperate to ensure my appearance stayed in tune,” Blaze stated in a blurb accompanying the ad, which first made the rounds in early 2007. “I’d heard great things about Optima and had no hesitation in calling them up and seeing what they could do for me.”

Optima‘s founder, Pete Murtha, added at the time: “Blaze approached us [in 2005] in the hope of restoring his mane of hair to its original glory. We’re happy to report that everything went smoothly and Blaze is back to his rocking best!”

Photo below courtesy of Blaze‘s Facebook page


Blaze Bayley rehearsing IRON MAIDEN‘s “The Clansman” with Dave Andrews, Claudio Tirincanti, Nick Meganck and Steve Deleu on May 1, 2011: