BLEEDING GODS Band Lineup Revealed

Former HOUWITSER bassist Ramon Ploeg has launched a new band called BLEEDING GODS. 11 songs have already been written and a demo will be recorded soon.

Ramon will not play bass in BLEEDING GODS and will instead handle guitar duties for the first time in five and a half years.


* Arnold Oudemiddendorp (ALTAR, DEVIOUS, VICTIMIZER) – Vocals
* Ramon Ploeg (HOUWITSER) – Guitar
* Erwin Harreman (SUPREME PAIN) – Guitar
* Bart van Wallenberg (SINISTER) – Bass
* Marco de Groot (ALTAR, HOUWITSER) – Drums

After a five-year tenure with HOUWITSER, Ploeg left the band in March 2012, explaining that he couldn’t “combine the band with [his] jobs anymore.”


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