BLEEDING THROUGH: Quality Sacramento Footage Available

Capital Chaos has quality video footage of BLEEDING THROUGH‘s July 27 performance at Ace Of Spades in Sacramento, California. Check it out below.

BLEEDING THROUGH was forced to drop off the North American tour with DEMON HUNTER and CANCER BATS afer the band’s vocalist, Brandan Schieppati, had to undergo and emergency orthodontic surgery.

BLEEDING THROUGH‘s new album, “The Great Fire”, was released on January 31 via Rise Records. The band’s guitarist, Dave Nassie, described the CD in a recent interview as “a mix of everything. It has a strong, classic SLAYER element to it — because, you know, who doesn’t like that? That’s something as a band that we all like. It has a heavy black metal and thrash influence in it. This record is an example of what BLEEDING THROUGH like to do. We follow each other. Nobody really picked a direction and said, ‘Hey, we want to sound like this.’ Brandan came in with a bunch of really aggressive songs, [Guitarist] Brian [Leppke] had a bunch of aggressive songs. My songs kind of lightened it up a little bit, because we started listening back and realized that there were like 15 songs that were just pissed with no break in it at all. [laughs]”



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