BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART: ‘Rockin’ All Night’ Video Released

“Rockin’ All Night”, the new video from rowdy shred-metal connoisseurs BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART, can be seen below. Directed by Robby Starbuck (TIMES OF GRACE, AUGUST BURNS RED, SILVERSTEIN, A STATIC LULLABY, A SKYLIT DRIVE), the clip perfectly encapsulates BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART— a pulse-raising blast of glammed-up metal which has been praised by critics for embracing the glorious shred metal of the ’80s while still offering something singularly fun, inventive and sharply relevant for today. Released just in time for summer, the song is the perfect toast to motorcycles, all-night parties and glory days.

“Rockin’ All Night” comes off BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART‘s latest album, “Feel The Power”, which was released in January via Tooth Nail Records. The follow-up to 2008’s “Pedal To The Metal” sees the band shrugging off metalcore trappings in favor of something more heartfelt. “The whole band is still obsessed with the ’80s, and that’s bled into our lifestyles,” explains singer Tony Gambino. “It’s not just when we’re on tour: We all kind of dress ’80s; we still have mullets. It’s become part of our lives.”

Like any artist with a notable body of work, BLESSED has experienced a near-constant evolution over the past eight years, in some part due to lineup changes, but mostly due to a stylistic progression away from pure metalcore in favor of more traditional metal and hard rock. One listen to “Feel The Power” confirms that not only is this not the same band that recorded “All Is Fair”, but that that very fact is their saving grace. Staying ahead of the curve and distancing themselves from the pack is the key to BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART‘s longevity, and the reason the new album will resonate with even the most veteran headbangers.



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