BLINDSIDE: Entire New Album Available For Streaming

“With Shivering Hearts We Wait”, the sixth album from Sweden’s BLINDSIDE, is available for streaming in its entirety at Rock Accessw.

They have been seen on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, have collaborated with music icons, including SMASHING PUMPKINS leader Billy Corgan, and heard around the world on World Wrestling Entertainment. Now, after four years since the release of their last project, BLINDSIDE is partnering with INO Records/RED to unveil “With Shivering Hearts We Wait”.

“When we decided it was time to make another record, everyone’s perspective was really renewed and we’re super pumped right now to be doing the band again,” frontman Christian Lindskog said. “We just needed to break away from music for a bit because it starts to define who you are when you should be finding it in a higher purpose.”

After taking time to be with their families and reenergize after over a decade of touring the world and releasing material, the Swedish natives reconnected with producer Howard Benson (MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, PAPA ROACH, FLYLEAF) to deliver an evolved artistic sound that still harkens back to band’s signature styles. Benson helmed the Elektra Records collections “Silence” (2002) and “About A Burning Fire” (2004) and helped create what is said to be their most compelling collection to date.

“The similarities between ‘With Shivering Hearts We Wait’ and past projects is that we’re always striving to get the right songs for a project and the spirit is still BLINDSIDE,” assures Lindskog. “But this album is very different in the sense that it took us a lot longer to write and record it. We used to get everyone in a room and start jamming, but this time we started with an acoustic framework that was eventually translated into rock n’ roll songs.”

“There are definitely some new elements, such as putting strings or an electronic sound over a really bombastic song,” adds guitarist Simon Grenehed. “We wanted to make the record sound big and didn’t feel like there were any boundaries.”

Introducing strings and electronic elements, BLINDSIDE‘s rock n’ roll styling turns epic and bombastic on many of the songs. One such song, “Our Love Saves Us”, acted as the album’s debut single, impacting radio last month.

“With Shivering Hearts We Wait” track listing:

01. There Must Be Something In The Water
02. My Heart Escapes
03. Monster On The Radio
04. It’s All I Have
05. Bloodstained Hollywood Ending
06. Our Love Saves Us
07. Bring Out Your Dead
08. Withering
09. Cold
10. There Must Be Something In The Wind


Christian Lindskog: Vocals
Simon Grenehed: Guitar
Tomas Näslund: Bass
Marcus Dahlström: Drums