BLODARV: New Album Details Revealed

Danish black metallers will release their fourth full-length album, “Gâst”, in early December. The eight-track CD will be made available in two versions on Self Mutilation Services — regular-CD format and a limited edition in A5 format which will feature different artwork. Both versions come with a 16-page booklet which includes lyrics. Limited-edition merchandise will also be available to mark the release. All artwork for “Gâst” was was created by the blasphemer himself — BLODARV founder and frontman Hugin. The recording, mixing and engineering were all done by Hugin at his HammerArt And Studios, where the artwork was also produced, and which is located on the frontman’s home island of Bornholm.

“Gâst” track listing:

01. Indelukket
02. A Snowy Night In November
03. I Blaek Og Blod
04. Korset Paa Baalet
05. The Heart Of Art
06. Lonely Journey
07. Surrounded By Dust
08. Into The Halls Of Orion

In the Bornholmsk (Burgundian) dialect of Bornholm, a “Gâst” is a type of a ghost demon or energy that possesses a mortal and inspires them in much the same way as a muse, with visions, stories, smells, sounds, emotions and pictures.

Commenting on the album, which is a powerful blend of BLODARV‘s mid-tempo black metal spiced with both fast and slow tracks, Hugin had this to say: “It’s fitting that the release of ‘Gâst’ will take place in winter, when the winds howl and the snow blankets the island of Bornholm, creating the perfect setting for an album that explores life philosophies, death, the micro and macro cosmos, and the forces of nature and power of the universe and all the energies that cling to it. Like our previous releases, the album contains a mix of tracks in both Danish and English, and is a piece full of hateful blasphemous poetry, dark visions, possessive muses, and soul-seeking demons.”

The lineup on “Gâst” comprises BLODARV core members Hugin on vocals, bass, guitars and effects, Satinae Ma on female vocals and Pestilens on lead guitar. Session studio drums are by Ynleborgaz. BLODARV‘s lineup has just been expanded with the addition of Fjorgynn on drums while live bass is handled by session member Huul.

“Surrounded By Dust”, a track from “Gâst”, along with songs spanning BLODARV‘s 14-year career, can be heard using the SoundCloud player below.