BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: 2012 Remix Of ‘Imaginos’ Due In April

The tangled history of “Imaginos”, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT‘s last album for Columbia, has passed into legend for BÖC fans. The name and concept comes from late-’60s sci-fi/fantasy writings by band manager/producer Sandy Pearlman that inspired the original band name; they then became the basis for a planned trilogy of solo albums by BÖC drummer/songwriter Albert Bouchard, who had been working on the material since the early ’70s with Pearlman. After Bouchard was fired from the band in 1981, he recorded a 90-minute album with such sidemen as Aldo Nova and THE DOORSRobbie Krieger, but this version of the album was rejected by Columbia execs in 1984. After the release and commercial disappointment of BÖC‘s “Club Ninja”, Pearlman then resurrected the idea and began production in 1986, adding vocals by BÖC‘s Buck Dharma and Eric Bloom and guitar parts by Joe Satriani, among many others. The result was — no surprise — BÖC‘s most controversial album (and ironically, the first in years to feature the original lineup), probably their heaviest and most proggy outing, and an appropriately complex swan song for a complex band. The Real Gone reissue features a new 2012 remix and new notes by BÖC expert Scott Schinder, along with the original album and inner sleeve art.

The 2012 remix of “Imaginos” is due out in April via Real Gone Music/Razor Tie.

“Imaginos” track listing:

01. I Am The One You Warned Me Of
02. Les Invisibles
03. In The Presence Of Another World
04. Del Rio’s Song
05. The Siege And Investiture Of Baron Von Frankenstein’s Castle At Weisseria
06. Astronomy
07. Magna Of Illusion
08. Blue Oyster Cult
09. Imaginos


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