Bolt Thrower Announces Location And Details Of Boltfest

Bolt Thrower has issued the following announcement about setting a date for the upcoming Boltfest:

“All proceeds to go to charity; show set for April 7th, 2012 at the HMV Forum in London. Pay No More than £5.99!

“Obviously you can’t charge people to come to your own birthday party, so as soon as we came up with the idea for Boltfest, we decided we should pay all the costs for the event ourselves. We also wanted to use Boltfest as an opportunity to do some good, and turn it into something more than just another show.

“So we’ve decided to ask everyone to donate £5.99 to charity if they want to come to the party. This way, with your help, we hope Boltfest will raise £10,000 for a good cause!

“The charity we’ve chosen is Teenage Cancer Trust. We’re sadly among the millions whose lives have been affected by this devastating illness, and have seen first-hand the work charities like Teenage Cancer Trust do, and the difference it makes in those difficult times, so we’re very happy to be able to support this deserving charity.

“Tickets are limited to 1800 and can be bought at the HMV ticket shop from Friday 16th Dec 09:00 GMT.

“There’ll be no service charge, as the HMV Ticket Shop has generously waived these extra costs for this special show. This way ALL the proceeds from the event (minus obligatory 3% PRS) will go to TCT. Check this location for ticket info, news and line-up announcements.”

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