BON SCOTT Docu-Drama Seeking Producer

After the official press release of an upcoming docu-drama film production about late AC/DC vocalist Bon Scott went viral on the Internet internationally last week, it has been learned that the film project organizers are seeking a producer to back the project.

“We have been approached by a number of prospective producers for this project in a fairly short period of time,” said a source. “But, this is a historic opportunity for a producer to step in and back a project now with international credibility.”

Much of the speculation centered around the project is who would handle the starring role portraying Scott. Moreover, who knew enough about the story to write a viable screenplay for the project? Rob Liotti (pictured below) took on the task. Liotti has portrayed Scott onstage for years in his tribute band TNT and is actually an American musician, writer, and actor.

“This is an an extremely unique opportunity for a producer to become involved with a project that will have built-in, worldwide appeal,” Liotti said. “One thing of integral importance, however, is that it be the right producer for the project. This is a movie about a music icon. Therefore, the right producer clearly considers monetary investment and ROI [Return On Investment], but the passion needs to be there as well,” the actor went on to say. “At this point, we are open-minded as to whom that person or company may be, but no agreement has been made to date. The budget for this film is certainly not over-the-top in necessity, but it is an investment nonetheless…”

Asked whether he thought the production investment may come from American or Australian investors, Liotti said that “it is difficult to speculate on that… it could come from New Zealand or the U.K. for that matter… I’m sure there will be a lot of radio interviews coming up, and that will surely enter into the topical discussion. I also just released a radio single called ‘Long Gone’ with SUITE 16, and another one to follow, so I am a busy guy right now! It’s pretty overwhelming — in a good way.”

Fans can keep up with the project at as well as on Facebook.

Melbourne rock singer Nick Barker previously played Bon Scott in a theatrical production about the AC/DC frontman’s life.

Bon Scott died on February 19, 1980 in London, England. He choked to death on his own vomit while sleeping in a friend’s car. According to the AC/DC FAQ web site, he and the friend, a musician named Alisdair Kinnear, had been drinking the evening of the 19th and Bon apparently fell asleep during the ride home. Kinnear could not wake Bon, so he left him in the car to sleep. Kinnear awoke early in the evening on the 20th, checked on Bon, and found him unconscious in the car. Bon could not be revived, and was pronounced dead.



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