BON SCOTT’s Love Interest Revealed For ‘The Legend of AC/DC’ Film

According to Burst magazine, Pelham Spong will portray Bon Scott‘s longtime love interest, Margaret “Silver” Smith, in the upcoming rockumentary trailer for “Bon Scott – The Legend of AC/DC”. She will appear opposite actor/singer Rob Liotti, who has been given the nod to portray Scott and has received a throng of international publicity. Spong spent a number of years acting in France before returning to the United States in 2010.

Historic footage shot last month by director J.R. Getches is reported to be in post-production with a tentative release date in March. A source close to the production said that the teaser footage involved “an interview of some type of the late singer” and that staff members were “elated” about the performance.

High Voltage Productions is also said to be considering broadcast rights offers by numerous television, cable, and satellite affiliates to option the teaser scene as a first time exclusive on their respective broadcast entity.

Interested networks should contact the production company through the High Voltage web site at for consideration as no agreement has been reached to date.


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