BONFIRE Filming ‘Cry 4 Help’ Video

German hard rockers BONFIRE recently spent time on location in Germany, Czech Republic and Mallorca with renowned director David Beránek filming a video for their song “Cry 4 Help”. Originally released on the “Double X” album, the track has always been a fan favorite, in part because of its powerful lyrics:

“Who sheds a tear for the crocodile / That you carry as a bag? / Does your mink coat still keep you warm / When you think about its fate? / It ain’t just another protest song / About laboratory crimes / It’s also a cry for help / For the cowards of our time.”

The new version of “Cry 4 Help” will be released on May 25 as a special EP with different versions of the title cut as well as by two special bonus tracks and the video for the new version of one of BONFIRE‘s biggest ballads, “You Make Me Feel”.

Says singer Claus Lessmann: “It feels really good that the song has a second life now and that we can now release it in cooperation with the animal protection organization PETA.”

At the end of March, BONFIRE travelled to the Ukraine to perform at a festival and play a headlining show there. They also wanted to talk to the authorities and the people about some of the recent unbelievable mistreatment of street dogs in the country.

According to Humane Society International, street dogs in Ukraine are being poisoned in a terribly misguided effort to rid the streets of them in time for the Euro 2012 soccer championships. Meat laced with poison is being left out for the animals to consume, resulting in their prolonged and agonizing deaths.

BONFIRE says “stop the senseless killing now” and is asking fans for their support.

BONFIRE recently parted ways with Dominik Hülshorst. According to the band, “The drum duties for the near future, and possibly the far future as well, will be handled by Harry ‘Fireworks’ Reischmann, who already played with the band in the Ukraine in March 2012.”

BONFIRE‘s original drummer, Hülshorst rejoined the band in time for the recording of their twelfth album, “Branded”, which came out in January 2011 via LZ Records/Sony Music.