BRET MICHAELS Offers Dating And Relationship Advice

BRET MICHAELS Offers Dating And Relationship Advice

Kindle Love Stories has uploaded a one-and-a-half-minute clip in which POISON singer Bret Michaels gives his thoughts on dating and advice for a great relationship. Check it out below.

Michaels recently launched his own cologne, Roses Thorns. It is available for order at this location

According to a posting on the web site, Roses Thorns will “make your perimeter excite and ignite the senses!” It is described as “an exhilarating scent with a mysterious kicker… leading to sexy results! Let your reputation of smell good proceed you, get the cologne that both men and women love.” 

In an interview with Galo magazine, Michaels stated about his cologne: “The influence was to create something that balances perfect for men and women. Not too musky, not too flowery; you’ll have to see for yourself. All I can say is we’ve done lots of tests and it seems like it’s gonna be a smash hit.”