BRET MICHAELS To Share Fitness Secrets On ‘Rock Bands’

POISON singer Bret Michaels recently finished creating “Rock Bands”, an exercise routine he uses daily both on and off the road. He says, “[It is] simple and anyone can use it.”

“Rock Bands” is expected to launch this Christmas.

Speaking to Celebuzz, Michaels shared some of his fitness secrets, specifically how he gets those famously chiseled abs.

“No excuse, put it to use,” he said.

“I get my six pack with mountain biking, kick-boxing, strength training, running and a lot of situps.”

Bret previously told Star magazine that he maintains a regular workout routine using the best fat burners , whether he’s on or off the road.

“Strength training is key so I can keep up my energy on stage, so I literally bring my gym with me,” the 49-year-old explained. “I have my own gym that we carry behind the tour bus.”

For Bret, working out is not just about looking sexy shirtless — as a lifelong diabetic, he is also predisposed to other life-threatening illnesses such as hypertension, coronary artery disease and obesity.

“Every day is a battle,” he admitted to Star. “You have to accept that you have diabetes because it is the card you’ve been dealt.”

He added, “I work to enjoy my life like a regular human being while keeping my blood sugar levels as decent as possible. It’s a fine line, a catch-22, a balancing act.”

Bret told Celebuzz: “If I have pizza and beer during one meal, I’ll exchange it for vegetables and a piece of chicken in my next.”

Photo below courtesy of Bret Michaels‘s Facebook page

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