British Man Convicted Of Attempted Murder After Posing As BRING ME THE HORIZON Singer

According to the Daily Mail, a 20-year-old British man pretended to be BRING ME THE HORIZON frontman Oliver Sykes to lure an American woman he met on Facebook to a U.K. forest before slitting her throat and repeatedly stabbing her.

David Russell, 20, has been jailed for life for the calculated kidnap and attempted murder of Maricar Benedicto, 19, from California. He will serve a minimum of 17 and a half years in prison after being sentenced today (October 5) at Northampton Crown Court.

Prosecuting Queen’s Counsel Christopher Donnellan told the court of Russell‘s actions, “He took her to an area of woodland off White Lane. He asked her to sit down on a fallen tree trunk and said he was going to blindfold her and said she would get a surprise or a present. He stood behind her, blindfolded her, asked her to put her head back, and her arms up. Although she did not see any implement because of the blindfold, the next thing she felt was her neck being sliced.”

Benedicto then attempted to run away, but Russell caught up with her and stabbed her three further times. He then fled the scene, while Benedicto sought help in a nearby house.

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