BUCKCHERRY Frontman: ‘You’ve Just Got To Be The Real Deal In Whatever You’re Doing’

BUCKCHERRY vocalist Josh Todd recently spoke to Music Radar about what it takes to be the “perfect” frontman.

“I think you’ve just got to be the real deal in whatever you’re doing,” he said. “I’ve got to believe it. The frontmen that I like are guys that had enough of an edge to them so guys would like them and they had enough flair so girls would like them. That, to me, is the perfect package for a frontman.”

He continued: “I love Jim Morrison [of THE DOORS], and I also think Prince is amazing, and Stevie Wonder. I think Jim was really great with managing the mystery. He was great at pulling people in and then exploding on stage. He was the master of that. From what I’ve read about him, he would read books on crowd control. If you watch him perform he could be very subtle and then he’d just erupt. I like that. He was cool and sexual at times, but very masculine. He was just a great frontman and he wrote amazing lyrics.

“When I got more into rock music I was really into [late AC/DC singer] Bon Scott. Bon had a very distinctive voice. He had a voice when you heard it you knew it was Bon Scott. Nobody could sing like him. He had a lot of soul too. He was a pretty humble guy and he didn’t give a shit about flash or flair, he just came out in ripped up jeans and laid it down. I love [current AC/DC singer] Brian Johnson, too. We got to do five shows with them [in 2000] and it was our rock ‘n’ roll dreams come true for all of us. It was amazing. We got to hang out with all those guys in one room, and they were the most humble, nicest people. It pays off when you meet your heroes and they’re super cool.”